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What service is provided?

Fishmemo is a reporting-service for companies in Norway hiring boats to international guests for fishing purposes. Companies using Fishmemo can make a registry of housing and boats offered for hire, and assign registered Fishmemo-subscribers as guests at their camp.

So, if you are visiting a camp/hiring a boat in Norway that reports via Fishmemo, you will need to create a personal user-profile on this website. After logging in you will have access to a simple, online report form. When a company assigns you as their guest, you can send catch reports after every trip to the company archive. From there, the company can transfer the reports to the Directorate of fisheries, as required by law. No personal information is sent with the reports.

This is the regulation

Regulations on reporting catches from tourist fishing establishments states:

Companies registered in the Directorate of Fisheries’ register of tourist fishing establishments shall report to the Directorate of Fisheries in a fixed format on customer catches of the following species:

  1. Cod
  2. Halibut
  3. Seithe
  4. Redfish
  5. Wolffish.

Catches shall be reported as the number of fish per species, per vessel and per fishing trip by catch date. Reporting should include fish that are caught but not taken ashore. Fishing trips without catch of the mentioned species shall also be reported (zero catch).

Fishmemo is a service that connects the fisherman tourist, the companies and the Directorate of Fisheries.

So as a tourist fisherman, to be able to use Fishmemo you will need to register a profile on this site. Your name and contact info will only be available to you personally, and to the companies you allow to see your profile. Reports that are exported are anonymous, and we do not share your information with any third party. You can use the same login every time you visit, as long as the company you are staying with is using the Fishmemo-service. Below are some links for your convenience.

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