How to create a user on

If you are a guest with a company that are using the Fishmemo-service for catch reports, you will need to create a user here on the site in order to post reports.

This is a pretty simple two step-procedure that gives you your own unique login to the site, and allows you to send mandatory catch reports through this site on behalf of the company you are visiting.

Step 1 – Fill out the registration form

You can find it from the “register”-link on the startpage of

The form looks like this (more text below the image). 

Make sure to get the email right for step two.

Step 2 – Follow the link and set your password

Make sure to get the email right for step two.

In your mailbox, you should now have a mail from Fishmemo looking like in the screenshot above. It will print your username, and provide you with a confirmation-link that is necessery to activate your profile and set your personal password for your account.

Ready to go?

Click here to register

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